Brian Lavall - Providence Fourth of July

Brian Lavall - Providence Fourth of July


Photograph on lustre paper, Matted

8 x 10"


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After being thrilled with the results of "Storms over Point Street," I decided to head back over to the Point Street area to capture Providence's 4th of July fireworks over the harbor.  Initially, I set up on the Point Street bridge with the plan to shoot the fireworks over the Iway bridge and boats docked in front of the Hot Club.  About 10 minutes through the fireworks display, I decided I'd risk it and move to see if I could capture the fireworks over the Point Street bridge too.  After scrambling across the road and getting my gear set up, I was able to get a few more shots in just before the grand finale.  This single 15-second long exposure ended up being my favorite by far.  I love how the colors and tones of the firework trails match the bridge, and the light trails from the traffic driving over the bridge ties it all together perfectly.