Rosemary Marchetta "Doorway"

Rosemary Marchetta "Doorway"


Inkjet print on paper.


8.5" x 11"


Rosemary Marchetta is a mixed-media artist working in drawing, painting, photography, and small installation. She has participated in multiple solo and collective exhibitions and has won several awards for her art. Marchetta’s creative process involves constant experimentation with new materials, which has led her to develop techniques and a means of expression uniquely her own. She currently lives and works in Providence, RI

"As an artist I seek to come to terms with my interior world by capturing the essence of thoughts, feelings and emotions and giving them material form.  The form then speaks back to me, clarifying and expanding upon these same thoughts and emotions, bringing understanding and suggesting direction for new realms of exploration.  It is an interactive process between my work and myself."


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