Anna Shapiro "I Painted the Guns Out (2)"

Anna Shapiro "I Painted the Guns Out (2)"


Collage, acrylic, thread.


11.4" x 18.75"


Anna Shapiro is an interdisciplinary artist concerned with the connections between social and ecological issues as expressed in common materials such as cast iron and thread. She has received awards and residencies for her sculptures and installations, spoken on panels about Chinese iron casting in relationship to five-element medicine and has spoken on panels about ecofeminism. Most recently Anna created a large installation in a former synagogue in Latvia. Anna has also catalyzed many creative industries in Boston and Rhode Island from art spaces and festivals to alternative grocery stores and mobile hydroponic gardens. Her studio is in Pawtucket RI.

"Over the past 5 years I have pieced together - welded, sewn and cast - a number of sculptural works that all had teapots and guns in them. This body of work was provocative, aggressive and gendered that I thought was complete in 2013. This year I transformed 5 collages from the ouevre and resolved something in myself when I painted the guns out. I painted the teapots out too. My fierceness has changed. And so I changed the pieces. The process of painting these objects out does not eliminate their existence. You can still perceive them through the patterns, textures and color of the work." -  Anna Shapiro, November 2015

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